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Free Microsoft services that are great for classroom use

By Jeff Gerlach October 27, 2017

With Google so prevalent in school districts, sometimes the educational use of Office 365 is..

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Physical Spaces

By Jeff Gerlach March 29, 2017

Teachers who use blended learning strategies, to personalize and customize student learning..

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Teaching in Beta

By Jeff Gerlach August 12, 2016

My colleagues, Kelli Hixon and Stacey Schuh, regularly facilitate blended learning regional..

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Celebrating student learning at Brandywine

By Jeff Gerlach May 12, 2015

May is #michED month and this week’s theme is to celebrate student learning. With this in mind,..

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Differentiation in a world without learning styles

By Jeff Gerlach February 20, 2015

My Experience

It was in an 8th-grade social studies class that I first encountered..

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MAET Bridge: Social Studies

By Jeff Gerlach October 30, 2014
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Should Teachers Connect with Students on Social Media?

By Jeff Gerlach October 23, 2014

Being thoughtful about the barrier between our personal and professional lives.

By Jeff Gerlach.


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