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MAET Bridge: Social Studies

By Jeff Gerlach October 30, 2014
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Should Teachers Connect with Students on Social Media?

By Jeff Gerlach October 23, 2014

Being thoughtful about the barrier between our personal and professional lives.

By Jeff Gerlach.
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Teachers Trump Tools

By Jeff Gerlach September 4, 2014

“What does it take to run a blended classroom?” The question came from across the room during a..

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Universal Student Transcripts — It's Only a Matter of Time

By Gordon Freedman July 1, 2014

Since the voluntary use of Internet technologies entered education, several waves of innovation..

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Lessons in physical space from the library

By Jeff Gerlach June 9, 2014

When my wife and I explored the inside of the building, I stopped seeing glass, steel and brick..

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This Is Fourth Grade: A Blended Odyssey

By Jeff Gerlach May 12, 2014

Dave and I made the two-mile trek from the Michigan Virtual office up to Red Cedar Elementary to..

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Confessions of an EdTech Guerrilla

By Jeff Gerlach March 28, 2014

Recently I followed someone on Twitter who, within 10 minutes of my follow, tweeted this at me:

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Make intermittent internet access normal

By Jeff Gerlach March 7, 2014

As a teacher using blended learning, I made a point of inviting parents into our online..

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A new snow day ritual: Learn from home!

By Jeff Gerlach February 17, 2014

When you’ve had a winter like we’ve had this school year, educators panic. Everybody loves a..


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